Does your business still need a website if you have a Facebook page?

Yes!! (Saw that coming, didn’t you?) Facebook and other social media is good for connecting with customers, building a network, getting special announcements out quickly, etc but it should be used in addition to not a replacement of your company website. Here’s why:

1) Space

You have much more room to talk about what makes your business special: its people, products/services. You can also set up a blog on your website to spread your expertise.

2) Ownership

  • You own the domain name (.com). You’re not just an extension off
  • You own the content. If you’re not happy with your webhost, you can copy your files and go elsewhere. Facebook owns the content you put there and they can cancel your account or close up leaving you with nothing. They do not give you access to the files.

3) Control

You decide when the look and functionality of your website changes. Facebook does periodic “updates” which can be substantially different from what your business needs or wants.

4) Email

It’s more professional to have an email address at your company website instead of Yahoo, Gmail, etc. You can also collect emails at your company website to use in marketing campaigns.

5) More customers

Not all potential customers are using Facebook and other social media.

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