Using your website to increase company goodwill

Goodwill can be one of your business’ greatest assets in retaining loyal customers and gaining new ones. Sometimes a company will put a lot of effort into training their employees in good customer service but forget that their website is sometimes the first contact a customer has with their business. Here are some tips on making a good impression.

1) Know what your customers have come for.

Maybe it’s your best-selling widget or just information but make it obvious & easy to get.

2) Offer helpful information.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Tips, tutorials
  • Contact information
  • Any additional fees (e.g. shipping, restocking) not included in price

3) Make input forms easy to use.

If your site has a form the customer needs to fill out, required information should be indicated. If it’s filled out incorrectly or incompletely, any error messages should be clearly worded so the customer knows what to do to correct the error.

4) Apologize for inconvenience.

As hard as you try, sometimes things go wrong. Best thing to do is to admit fault, apologize sincerely and detail what you are doing to correct the problem. Put messages on your website to reach a greater possible audience.

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