Is it text or is it a picture?

You may have heard of the importance of having good keywords on your website so that people using those words will find your site in the search engines (Google, etc).  These words must not only be in the correct place but in the correct format for Google to be able to read them.  What does this mean?  Look at the two sentences below:

This is a line of text.

this is a picture

To our eyes, they read the same.  But the second is actually a picture with text in it.  This is a huge difference because Google, which doesn’t “see” a site as we do, will correctly note that there is a line text and a picture.  It can not read any of the text in the picture so if all your important keywords are actually text in pictures then your site will be invisible in the search engines because to them there are not any words on your site.

So, how do you tell if you have text or pictures?  Go to a section of text on your site and right-click your mouse over it.  If you see a menu with “Save picture as…” or similar wording, then Google is not reading any of the text. 

If you need help converting any pictures with text to real text, please call for a FREE website review. (847) 924-4154.

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