Content, Content, Content

Successful websites give the user what they are looking for. Content that is useful to them. This will vary with the user. Some are looking for information; some a product to buy; some to be entertained. The more useful the content, the more people will come to your site possibly even linking to it which can boost your ranking in search engines.

Tips for creating useful content:

1) Write for your audience.

Know your target audience and write for them, not you. Show your expertise by answering possible questions and helping solve problems. Avoid a lot of marketing puffery about yourself and high-sounding mission statements.

2) Make it easy to read.

    • Use correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.  Using ALL CAPS means you are shouting at your reader.
    • Break content into paragraphs, using bullet points where appropriate.
    • Get to the point and don’t be overly wordy.

3) Keep content current and updated.

Blogs are good for this. You want to give the user a reason to return to your site and see what’s new.

Content that is rich in information also helps you in the search engines because it will naturally have the keywords users are searching for.

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