Top 5 reasons your business needs a website

  1. Customers now expect it.
    1. More people are using the Internet every day and are used to seeing businesses they deal with online. Without a website you may be projecting the negative impression that your business is “behind the times”.
  2. Increase credibility and trust.
    1. Like other marketing materials, a professional website helps instill confidence that your customers needs will be met in a professional manner.
  3. Your competitors probably already have one
    1. While it’s not as easy as “Build it and they will come”, it’s definitely true that if “you don’t build it, they will go” to your competitors because they don’t know you exist.
  4. It’s cheaper than other forms of advertising
    1. It’s cheaper than print brochures or yellow page ads. Neither will provide as much space for your pitch as a web page can. Web pages are the same price full-color or single. Yellow pages only target specific areas. Websites target the world. You’ll also save on postage. Your message won’t be thrown away or mailed to an incorrect address. Websites are also easier to update when information changes suddenly so money is not wasted on printed materials that can’t be used. Yellow pages are updated once a year.
  5. Compete with larger companies
    1. With a professional website, customers need not know what size your business is unless you tell them. If it has a professional look then it could be a business with one employee or a thousand giving small business an edge without spending more in advertising.

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